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"Fidelia" App para Mac OSX , Algo más que un Reproductor para archivos de alta calidad (FLAC,...)para tu Mac OS

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"Fidelia" App para Mac OSX , Algo más que un Reproductor para archivos de alta calidad (FLAC,...)para tu Mac OS

Mensaje  STAFF el 20th Agosto 2013, 5:50 pm

Audiofile Engineering Fidelia is an elegant and powerful music player created exclusively for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Fidelia proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features. Fidelia lets discerning OS X users truly optimize their home listening experience, preserving maximum sonic fidelity across multiple file formats and delivering uncluttered utility with a timelessly elegant user interface. Powered by Audiofile Engineering’s unique Fidelia Audio System, it gives you the tools and the freedom to savor the sounds that you love, all the way from your hard drive to your eardrums.

It’s Not a Store, It’s a Library
You know what you like to listen to. You’re not looking for computer-generated recommendations, randomized shuffles, proprietary ads or social networks to validate your taste. Fidelia keeps it simple: Organize and enjoy your music library at superior levels of sonic quality.

Elegant Design
Fidelia’s distinctive user interface offers the kind of sleek, intuitive controls that contemporary Mac users demand while paying tribute to the premium stereo amplifiers of decades past. A classically styled volume dial is buffered by single-click Mute and Dim functions.
Individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms are displayed in crisp, eye-pleasing fashion with no superfluous trimmings.
Four discreet sizing options allow you to lovingly ogle Fidelia in a full-screen format or tuck it snugly into the corner of your desktop and leave the fun to your ears.

Feature ListElegant design
Sleek Intuitive controls that contemporary Mac users demand
Classically styled volume dial buffered by single-click Mute and Dim functions
Individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms displayed in crisp, eye pleasing fashion with no superfluous trimmings

Powered by iZotope
iZotope’s industry-best sample rate conversion to achieve optimum sonic fidelity.
Discerning listeners can select real-time audio dithering via iZotope’s MBIT+ª technology.

Maxium formats
Supports AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC formats
Supports sample rates up to 192kHz and bit depths up to 32 bit floating point

Audio Units and VST support
Customize with up to three effects

Access your iTunes library
Reformat and reorganize files from iTunes library
Fidelia library

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
QuickTime 7.2 or later highly recommended

Premium Music Player
Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for sophisticated music lovers. With support for all contemporary audio file formats and an elegant interface that focuses exclusively on music, it gives users the power and the freedom to organize, customize and savor their digital music collection at the highest possible fidelity in any circumstance. If you’ve invested in premium audio hardware, you should have the best audio software.

Just as an HD television enables viewers to enjoy high-definition video, Fidelia provides a gateway to high-definition audio by supporting a wide range of high-quality formats – including FLAC, which iTunes does not support. As artists in every genre increasingly turn to high-quality formats, Fidelia gives discerning listeners a way to hear their music as it was meant to be heard.

How It Works
Audiofile Engineering’s Fidelia Audio System optimizes the modern listening experience by realizing the full potential of quality audio hardware. No matter what type of sounds are in play, Fidelia incorporates iZotope’s industry-best sample rate conversion to achieve optimum sonic fidelity. Dedicated audiophiles can also select real-time audio dithering via iZotope’s MBIT+ technology.

With Fidelia, savvy music lovers have the ability to further personalize audio playback by installing third-party Audio Unit or VST plug-ins. For example, Fidelia reaches beyond the narrow parameters of typical built-in equalization controls, allowing users to install higher-quality EQ and other effects plug-ins to suit any taste or listening environment.

Sync with iTunes Library
Enjoy seamless and continuously updated access to your iTunes library, including user-generated playlists. If and whenever you like, decide for yourself which portions of your iTunes collection to reformat or reorganize in Fidelia.

Create Playlists
Craft your own personalized playlists in seconds. Simple click-and-drag controls allow you to draw from your complete Fidelia library to build lists of any size or style, mixing and matching file formats at will.

Multiple Formats, Maximum Control
Heavily compressed audio files aren’t for everybody. That’s why Fidelia gives discriminating listeners robust control over how their songs are captured and stored. Tracks can be imported in AIFF, WAV, CAF, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC formats. You can also convert existing files to any of the above.

Advanced iZotope 64-bit SRC™️ and MBIT+™️ Dither Output Options
Customize the output sample rate conversion (SRC) and dither using iZotope’s advanced options:
-iZotope Resampler – Adjust filter steepness, cutoff scaling and preringing.
-iZotope MBIT+ Dither – Choose the shape, amount and bits. Toggle auto blanking,
minimize peaks and silence harmonics.

Twisted Evil 
Twisted Evil

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