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(VENDIDA)Vendo PA Turbosound TFL760H

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(VENDIDA)Vendo PA Turbosound TFL760H

Mensaje  STAFF el 25th Noviembre 2014, 2:57 pm

Titulo:Vendo Turbosound TFL760H

Descripción: Vendo VENDIDA

Unidades Disponibles: 8

Link Venta:

Precio: 1000€ unidad.

Lugar: Badajoz
Provincia: Badajoz

Contacta con el Vendedor:info.spkaudio@gmail.com

The TFL-760H 3-way medium dispersion mid/high loudspeaker enclosure achieves outstanding transient ability over twice the nominal horizontal coverage angle of a Flashlight® enclosure, thus giving rise to its name: Floodlight®.

The use of specialised cone-type transducers, in combination with unique AxeheadTM technology, results in high efficiency, accuracy, very low levels of distortion, even dispersion and exceptional intelligibility, enabling it to be considered for a multitude of near and mid field applications. Floodlight is therefore available in various housings and flying configurations to meet the specific requirements of a large range of applications.

The TFL-760H is the fully equipped touring version featuring an access door with integral multi-way speaker cable, heavy duty wheels, flush handles, birch plywood construction and optimised truck-pack dimensions. The dimensions and positions of the keyhole fly plates allow use of the highly advanced and well proven Flashlight flying system. All of these features combine to give a system unsurpassed in simplicity,
ease and speed of handling, and long term durability.

The loudspeaker complement of the cabinet consists of a very powerful low/mid 12” cone loudspeaker which, combined with the AxeheadTM waveguide, handles frequencies between 180Hz and 1.3kHz. The high/mid band between 1.3kHz and 8kHz is covered by a similar combination based on a specialised 6.5” loudspeaker. The remaining high frequency band, 8kHz to in excess of 20kHz, is handled by a 1” VHF compression driver. Perfect time alignment is achieved by the careful positioning of these three components and their wave guides within the enclosure.

The TFL-760H can also be used to augment Flashlight systems where venue dimensions dictate wider coverage and shorter throw.



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